Join us and Say Stop to Your Financial Mess

Are you ready to include God in your financial journey?

I know debt and financial mess bring problems:

You lose your peace.

Problems in your family.

Conflict in your marriage.

You can’t move forward

Join us, Say Stop to Your Financial Mess

Is it possible to control your debt instead of your debt controlling you? Of course it is! I know so because I’ve been in that place where you are at right now, I know what it is to feel lost and frustrated, with thousands of dollars in debt and not being able to save money.  

As a financial coach I am committed to sharing financial literacy that is based on biblical principles. The Bible is amazing and gives us direction with money on so many topics. I will come alongside you and with financial education and biblical principles we will work towards organizing your finances and getting out of debt.

MARCH 15Th 2021

Live Workshops

Access link to the online workshop, which will be live and in group once a week.


Workbook and templates to organize your spending plan, incomes and expenses, debts and financial goals

Private Community

Access to a private Facebook community where you will be able to ask questions, share with other women your experience and receive support during the program.


Bonus track 1 hour of personalized advisory. We will talk about your specific goals, financial situation and make sure the strategy being put into place is effective for your personal needs.(must sign up for this with in the 6 weeks)

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Every time we meet in our sessions we will cover a biblical topic that pertains to money, mindset and financial education.

How is the program structured?

Week 1

Open your eyes/Start tracking our finances.

Week 2

Stop Living in the system-/Start organizing our personal finances

Week 3

Be reconciled with God/Start a Spending Plan

Week 4

Be transplanted/Start an emergency fund

Week 5

Recognize the inheritance/Start a debt reduction plan

Week 6

Questions and finalizing all plans

Are you ready to include God in your financial journey?